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Appliances types



xLocation of rating serial number plate
Appliance Location
Top-loading washer Beneath lid near toward back of unit or behind control panel
Front-loading washer Inside door in frame area
Dryer Inside door in frame area
Dishwasher Inside door on rim
Refrigerator / freezer Open main door: on one of the side panels
Electric range Inside oven drawer on one of the sides
Gas range Can be difficult to access; might be under burners or on edge of oven door
Built-in oven Under control panel or on inside rim
Range hood Under filters
Microwave oven Inside oven on rim
Cooktop Usually on underside of unit, i.e. under the counter. If not, under burners.

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Type d'appareils*


xListe d'endroit où sont situées les plaques signalétiques
Appareil Endroit
Laveuse chargement par le haut Sous le couvercle vers le fond de l'appareil ou derrière le panneau de contrôle
Laveuse chargement frontal Sur le pourtour de la porte en ouvrant
Sécheuse Sur le pourtour de la porte en ouvrant
Lave-vaisselle Sur le pourtour de la porte en ouvrant
Réfrigérateur / congélateur En ouvrant la partie principale sur un des panneaux latéraux
Cuisinière standard En ouvrant le tiroir sur un des deux côtés
Cuisinière au gaz Parfois difficile d'accès, la plaque peut se trouver sous les brûleurs, tout comme autour de la porte du four
Four encastré Sous le panneau de contrôle ou sur les côtés intérieurs
Hotte Sous les filtres
Micro-onde En ouvrant la porte sur le pourtour
Plaque de cuisson Habituellement sous la plaque, donc sous le comptoir. Sinon sous les ronds

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Warranty english one-year

Our trusted appliance repair warranty


One year part & labour limited warranty*

Our repairs are guaranteed one year parts & labour. If we fix an appliance and it malfunctions again in the next twelve months following the original repair, we will return for free and determine the cause of the problem. If the malfunction has anything to do with the original repair, we will fix it for free. If the machine has the same problem for another reason, we will treat the repair as if we had diagnosed both problems at the same time and will price it accordingly. You pay the same amount had we made the complete diagnosis on the first trip to your house.

WARNING: If the machine has another problem different than the one for which it was repaired previously, we will charge another service call.

Limited warranty under the manufacturer means all parts installed by Service 2000 Électroménagers will perform satisfactory under the normal conditions of use. In the event a part should fail to perform properly, Service 2000 Électroménagers guarantees it as follows:

  • Single Family Dwellings (single family use): 1 year on parts and related labour.
  • Commercial use (which includes rental properties) and all other uses: 90 days on parts and on related labour.

Parts no longer available

Service 2000 Électroménagers’s obligation under this warranty will expire in the event a part is no longer available from the original manufacturer.


No warranty on water filters, cosmetic parts or non-functional parts, such as but not limited to; glass cook tops, glass, trims, knobs, panels, racks, tanks, tubs, baskets, structural parts, doors, door liners, shelves, etc. All parts installed while under manufacturer’s warranty or service agreement, carry no warranty after manufacturer’s warranty or service agreement expires. Repairs necessitated by other defective parts are charged separately, and are not covered by this limited warranty. This limited warranty is given only to the customer hereunder and we shall not be liable to third parties, We assume no liability nor make any guarantee for any loss including food loss made by a failed part, teared, stained or burned clothes, broken furniture, moldings or flooring happening while working on or moving the appliance This warranty applies to labor provided during normal working hours only. Additional charges will apply for other than normal working hours. Parts installed under previous warranty will carry no additional warranty. Once original warranty expires, all replacement parts use the same expiration date as the originally replaced part.

Warranty Cancellation

Warranty may be cancelled at the sole discretion of Service 2000 Électroménagers in the event that a balance due is open after 30 days or if customer’s check is returned by their bank. Automatic cancellation will occur if an account is placed in collections. Customer’s signature on invoice is required for warranties to be valid.


No warranty will be offered on parts bought elsewhere than Service 2000 Électroménagers. No warranty on maintenance or cleaning work.

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