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Appliances types



xLocation of rating serial number plate
Appliance Location
Top-loading washer Beneath lid near toward back of unit or behind control panel
Front-loading washer Inside door in frame area
Dryer Inside door in frame area
Dishwasher Inside door on rim
Refrigerator / freezer Open main door: on one of the side panels
Electric range Inside oven drawer on one of the sides
Gas range Can be difficult to access; might be under burners or on edge of oven door
Built-in oven Under control panel or on inside rim
Range hood Under filters
Microwave oven Inside oven on rim
Cooktop Usually on underside of unit, i.e. under the counter. If not, under burners.

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Type d'appareils*


xListe d'endroit où sont situées les plaques signalétiques
Appareil Endroit
Laveuse chargement par le haut Sous le couvercle vers le fond de l'appareil ou derrière le panneau de contrôle
Laveuse chargement frontal Sur le pourtour de la porte en ouvrant
Sécheuse Sur le pourtour de la porte en ouvrant
Lave-vaisselle Sur le pourtour de la porte en ouvrant
Réfrigérateur / congélateur En ouvrant la partie principale sur un des panneaux latéraux
Cuisinière standard En ouvrant le tiroir sur un des deux côtés
Cuisinière au gaz Parfois difficile d'accès, la plaque peut se trouver sous les brûleurs, tout comme autour de la porte du four
Four encastré Sous le panneau de contrôle ou sur les côtés intérieurs
Hotte Sous les filtres
Micro-onde En ouvrant la porte sur le pourtour
Plaque de cuisson Habituellement sous la plaque, donc sous le comptoir. Sinon sous les ronds

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Question Key

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I repair or replace?

There always comes a time when one of your home appliances becomes defective and you haveto wonder whether you should repair or replace it. For your information, here are the fourconditions our technicians use to help them recommend whether to repair or completely replacesaid defective appliance:

  • Physical State: is the general condition of your appliance acceptable, without any major signs of rust or corrosion?
  • Mechanical State: in addition to the defect, does your appliance work silently, without any appearance of leakage, odors or any other mechanical signs?
  • Cost of Repair: As a general rule, the repair should cost around half as much as a new appliance with the same set of features.
  • Extension of Life Expectancy: will the repair extend the appliance’s life to 2 to 4 years?
In summary, if the appliance’s physical and mechanical conditions are satisfactory, the cost torepair it is about half the price of a new unit, and if the remedy would lengthen its life for two ormore years, your technician will recommend having your appliance repaired. Ultimately, you'llsave money on the long run!

What is the life expectancy of your home appliances?

Average life expectancy of large electric appliances (years)

Freezers 21
Stoves 18
Dryers 18
Refrigerators 17
Washing Machines 14
Dishwashers 13
Note: these figures represent the industrial average. NRCAN, 2007.

Do you do repairs in the evening or on the weekends?
No, we don’t.

I've seen cheaper repairs elsewhere.
Our goal at Service 2000 is to provide: fast service, technicians who are always up-to-date with new technologies, a supply of replacement parts to do repairs on the first visit if you decide to go ahead with it, a one year parts and labor warranty. We are also a CAA-Quebec recommended supplier and an authorized service center for about thirty manufacturers including Bosch, Fisher & Paykel, and Brigade (Viking). If you want to do business with a solid company that will solve your problem for good, we are here for you.

I bought my part, can you install it?
With pleasure. However, please note that we do not guarantee the repair or the part, since its origin is unknown to us. The price we charge for our parts include the following:

  • We search for and order good generation parts.
  • Parts are delivered to us, and then we deliver them to you.
  • Parts are inspected and guaranteed for a year, as well as the labor...

In general, how much does a repair cost?
Customer service managers are sometimes able to give you an idea of what the repair may cost. However, we mention on every call that only a service technician will be able to clearly identify the cause of your appliance’s malfunction and estimate repair costs.

I don’t have the model number, is that a problem?
Although we have a huge inventory of parts in stock, it is possible that we won’t have what is needed, which will result in an additional visit. Although we don’t charge additional travel costs, we especially want to save your time and ours.

Follow this link to find your appliance’s model number.

Are you going to charge me for two service calls if the technician has to come back to install a part?
No, we will only charge for one service call. Subsequently, we charge a flat rate depending on the service required.

Will you credit the service call if I have the appliance repaired?
We don’t include the cost of the service call in the repair, and keep the two charges separate. Companies that credit the service call add it to the repair cost.

Why does CAA recommend Service 2000 to repair your appliances?

Are your criteria for selecting appliance suppliers high? That’s great! Service 2000’s
accreditation as a CAA-Quebec recommended supplier is an excellent display of confidence foryou! By accrediting Service 2000 Appliances, CAA-Quebec ensures that we are worthy of yourtrust and validates that we meet the following rigorous selection criteria:  

  • Credibility and skills Years of experience, compulsory licensing, professional affiliations, etc.
  • Solvency Verification of the company’s “financial health.”
  • Reputation with customers Satisfaction survey with a group of customers selected by CAA-Quebec.
  • Quality Protection Program Verification of liability insurance and a guarantee policy.
  • Service Courtesy, willingness, cleanliness, customer service, pricing policies, etc.
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