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Appliances types



xLocation of rating serial number plate
Appliance Location
Top-loading washer Beneath lid near toward back of unit or behind control panel
Front-loading washer Inside door in frame area
Dryer Inside door in frame area
Dishwasher Inside door on rim
Refrigerator / freezer Open main door: on one of the side panels
Electric range Inside oven drawer on one of the sides
Gas range Can be difficult to access; might be under burners or on edge of oven door
Built-in oven Under control panel or on inside rim
Range hood Under filters
Microwave oven Inside oven on rim
Cooktop Usually on underside of unit, i.e. under the counter. If not, under burners.

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Luigi Bauco Directeur technique Service 2000
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Type d'appareils*


xListe d'endroit où sont situées les plaques signalétiques
Appareil Endroit
Laveuse chargement par le haut Sous le couvercle vers le fond de l'appareil ou derrière le panneau de contrôle
Laveuse chargement frontal Sur le pourtour de la porte en ouvrant
Sécheuse Sur le pourtour de la porte en ouvrant
Lave-vaisselle Sur le pourtour de la porte en ouvrant
Réfrigérateur / congélateur En ouvrant la partie principale sur un des panneaux latéraux
Cuisinière standard En ouvrant le tiroir sur un des deux côtés
Cuisinière au gaz Parfois difficile d'accès, la plaque peut se trouver sous les brûleurs, tout comme autour de la porte du four
Four encastré Sous le panneau de contrôle ou sur les côtés intérieurs
Hotte Sous les filtres
Micro-onde En ouvrant la porte sur le pourtour
Plaque de cuisson Habituellement sous la plaque, donc sous le comptoir. Sinon sous les ronds

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Our Core Values

Our Core values

Our core values are the founding stones of our business. Throughout the years, we took the time to discover them, test them and now we refer to them every time we want to make sure that we are in the right direction.


Working is supposed to be fun! Service 2000 is our source of income, but also our family and our opportunity to achieve greatness together. We have a responsiblity to keep our job a fun place to work at and must keep in mind that we are privileged to have such a positive impact in so many homes.


To strive for excellence, each of us assumes his responsibilities in an exemplary manner, which does not stop at our job description, but to guarantee peace of mind to our customers. In situation with gray areas, we work together towards a solution to clarify it all for good.


Service excellence requires to respect our word when committing to bring peace of mind to our customers.

But it starts by respecting ourselves and our teammates. We made some business decisions to provide quality of life to our team, which reflects in the quality of service we can provide to our customers.


Our success results from a team effort. No one can claim that Service 2000’s success is their only.

Anytime possible, we make that our actions help our colleagues to be effective and remain alert to the negative effects that our actions could cause.


In order to improve, we strongly rely on collective intelligence. The sum of experience and brain power of all of our people leads us to find great solutions to improve customer experience, to reduce wastes in time and money, our better support our colleagues and to help make the job even more pleasant.


We only recommend to fix what is worth fixing moneywise or based on other factors important to the customer. We can afford to remain objective because we charge for our expertise and do not give.

However, we make a point not to overcharge our services in any situation. We found this positive behaviour to help us sleep tight at night.

Service 2000 Électroménagers est recommandé unanimement par le CAA-Québec, la Corporation des techniciens en électroménagers du Québec et les marques leaders de l’industrie


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