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Appliances types



xLocation of rating serial number plate
Appliance Location
Top-loading washer Beneath lid near toward back of unit or behind control panel
Front-loading washer Inside door in frame area
Dryer Inside door in frame area
Dishwasher Inside door on rim
Refrigerator / freezer Open main door: on one of the side panels
Electric range Inside oven drawer on one of the sides
Gas range Can be difficult to access; might be under burners or on edge of oven door
Built-in oven Under control panel or on inside rim
Range hood Under filters
Microwave oven Inside oven on rim
Cooktop Usually on underside of unit, i.e. under the counter. If not, under burners.

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Type d'appareils*


xListe d'endroit où sont situées les plaques signalétiques
Appareil Endroit
Laveuse chargement par le haut Sous le couvercle vers le fond de l'appareil ou derrière le panneau de contrôle
Laveuse chargement frontal Sur le pourtour de la porte en ouvrant
Sécheuse Sur le pourtour de la porte en ouvrant
Lave-vaisselle Sur le pourtour de la porte en ouvrant
Réfrigérateur / congélateur En ouvrant la partie principale sur un des panneaux latéraux
Cuisinière standard En ouvrant le tiroir sur un des deux côtés
Cuisinière au gaz Parfois difficile d'accès, la plaque peut se trouver sous les brûleurs, tout comme autour de la porte du four
Four encastré Sous le panneau de contrôle ou sur les côtés intérieurs
Hotte Sous les filtres
Micro-onde En ouvrant la porte sur le pourtour
Plaque de cuisson Habituellement sous la plaque, donc sous le comptoir. Sinon sous les ronds

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Brigade kitchen

Brigade by Viking home appliance repair service

Entrust your high quality appliance to an authorized Brigade by Viking Service Center

What is Brigade by Viking?

Service 2000 appliance is Montreal’s premier Brigade by Viking appliance repair center. Service 2000 prides itself for being a manufacturer-authorized and factory-trained service center that stays on top of Brigade by Viking‘s latest innovations and have a direct access to Brigade by Viking tech line in order to provide high quality, reliable service for your appliance.

All of our company’s technicians are very knowledgeable, experienced, as well as 100% licensed and certified to diagnose and repair your Brigade by Viking appliance:

  • Brigade by Viking cooking appliances including free-standing ranges, range tops, cooktops, ovens, warmer drawers.
  • Brigade by Viking refrigeration, such as building, free-standing and under-the-counter refrigeration units, refrigeration drawers and ice machines.
  • Brigade by Viking ventilation like wall, chimney wall and island hoods, ventilation systems, rear down drafts and hood-vent packages.
  • Brigade by Viking kitchen clean-up including dishwashers, trash compactors and disposals.
  • Brigade by Viking outdoor equipment comprising outdoor cooking equipment, refrigeration unit(s) and more.

Brigade by Viking appliances are praised for their ease of use, durability and elegant design. But when comes the situation where your appliance does not function according to expectation, you can always rely on our Brigade by Viking appliance repair that is always professional, courteous and speedy.

Brigade by Viking is renowned as the first company that developed the first commercial-type range specifically for home use. As commercial appliances had several drawbacks such as high heat output and extremely hot surface temperatures, no safety features, excessive energy consumption, constantly burning standing pilot instead of automatic ignition, no broiling in the oven, and dimensions which were not designed for typical residential cabinetry, they had to create a new category of commercial-type appliances for home use which is now more and more in demand and highly appreciated from its clientele.

Viking becomes Brigade by Viking

Viking has created a new brand for its Canadian customers only called Brigade. Born of a distinguished lineage of any new product category, Brigade presents the same power of performance and of design as Viking. Cooking appliances, refrigeration, kitchen, outdoor and many others are offered by Brigade. The company demonstrates industrial strength in a wide range of sizes, colors and configuration, in order to please all of their customers. Therefore, Brigade offers the most comprehensive range of products and the highest quality available on the Canadian market.

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